Accountancy Services

Accountancy Services

Accountancy Services

As well as making sure your day to day accounting needs are covered, it’s essential to make sure all your statutory services are all met with HM Revenue and Customs. Direct Peak will make sure all your accountancy services are covered.

VAT Returns

If you are a UK business turning over more than £83,000 per year, you have to be VAT registered by law. This means you have to add VAT to all of your sales, but you can also reclaim VAT paid on valid purchases. As part of our bookkeeping service we will make sure that all the correct VAT rates are applied and reconciled before submitting your VAT return.

Tax Returns

Direct Peak will ensure your tax return is completed and submitted in a timely manner, so no penalty fees are incurred. You will need a tax return completing if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • Self employed or a sole trader
  • Partner of a partnership
  • Company Director
  • Rented out a property
  • Savings or investment income over £10,000.
  • Sale of shares
  • Sale of a second home
  • For a full list please see the HMRC website.

Corporation Tax and Confirmation Statements

For micro limited companies we will complete your corporation tax returns and confirmation statement (previously known as the annual return). For larger limited companies, we are happy to complete your annual accounts, however at this point we would hand them over to a recommended chartered accountant to provide tax advice and complete the returns.