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Direct Peak Accountant Market Deeping

Providing modern accountancy services in Market Deeping

Direct Peak Market Deeping

Providing modern accountancy services in Market Deeping

Direct Peak Accountants Market Deeping

Direct Peak Accountant Market Deeping is situated in Eventus, a purpose-built business centre with ample parking and easy access to Peterborough, Stamford, Bourne and Spalding.

As a Xero Gold Partner, we are experts in using the latest in cloud accounting technology. Our mission is to use smart accounting to increase profitability and improve efficiency for our clients.

The accounting services we offer from our Market Deeping office include Xero accounting solutions, Xero training and support, payroll services, management accounts and financial forecasting, tax return preparation and VAT services.


Direct Peak, Eventus, Sunderland Road, Market Deeping PE6 8FD


01778 481044


Time for your business to have a modern accountant. Contact us for a free quote.

    Services offered by Direct Peak Accountants Market Deeping

    Xero Accountants Market Deeping

    Proactive Business Accounting

    We are not just year-end accountants! We communicate with you throughout the year, and with all our business accounting services tailored to your requirements, we can keep your business as tax efficient as possible.

    Accountancy for Staff

    Management Accounts

    With up-to-date knowledge of your cash flow position, we can help you make informed business decisions. The benefits of management accounts far out way the cost for a business.

    Accountants market deeping

    Streamline Accounting Processes

    By using the latest cloud-based ‘app stacks’, you can improve efficiency and even automate accountancy and bookkeeping tasks such as sales invoicing, debt chasing, expenses and purchase invoice reporting.

    Accountants market deeping

    Payroll Services

    Payroll services can tie up valuable time and staff for any sized business, especially with the inclusion of the compulsory workplace pension. Let Direct Peak manage and complete your payroll to take away the hassle, so you can concentrate on running your business.

    Direct Peak Payments

    VAT Returns for Small Business

    VAT can be a complex matter for businesses and a worry with potential penalties for late registration, late returns and overdue payments. At Direct Peak accountants we can take the stress out of this for you.


    Financial Forecasting

    Spot opportunities and prepare ahead with financial forecasting. Look at past business performance to plan ahead for seasonal trends in supply and demand.


    “I have been working with Karl and the Direct Peak team a few years now I have to say their service, communication and professionalism is brilliant. I’m just a small business and it’s really helped having a great team sort out all my accounting so I can concentrate more on running my business. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

    Michael Raggatt, Director

    Proactive accounting services based in Market Deeping

    Our accountancy service packages are fixed-fee and tailored to the requirements of your business. There are no extra charges for queries by phone or email, so if something is worrying you, please pick up the phone and call. Our packages can include regular face-to-face meetings or simple skype catchups, it all depends on the complexity and accountancy support your business requires.

    Call us now on 01778 481044 to discuss your requirements or book a call with us via the opposite form and we will call you at a convenient time.

    Looking for business accountancy services in Market Deeping? Book a call with us one day and time that suits you.

    Accountant Selection Criteria

    Selecting a new accountant for your SME in Market Deeping, Lincolnshire, while navigating limited accounting knowledge requires a thoughtful and strategic approach. There are several essential aspects to consider to ensure you make the right choice for your business.

    Firstly, assess the accountant’s expertise and experience in working with SMEs. Look for an accountant who specialises in serving small and medium-sized enterprises. Their experience in dealing with businesses of a similar scale can ensure they understand the unique challenges and financial needs that SMEs often face. Additionally, check their credentials, qualifications, and professional certifications to ensure they possess the necessary expertise.

    Consider the accountant’s reputation and track record within the local business community. Recommendations and reviews from other businesses in Market Deeping or nearby areas can provide valuable insights into the accountant’s reliability, professionalism, and the quality of their services. A good reputation is a strong indicator of their ability to deliver on their promises.

    Evaluate the range of services the accountant offers and ensure they align with your specific needs. This could include tax planning and preparation, financial reporting, budgeting, cash flow management, auditing, and business advisory services. An accountant who offers a comprehensive suite of services can potentially provide more value to your business by addressing various financial aspects.

    Communication and accessibility are key factors in establishing a successful working relationship with an accountant. Look for an accountant who is willing to communicate clearly and explain financial concepts in a way that you can grasp, considering your limited accounting knowledge. Accessibility and responsiveness are crucial, ensuring that you can reach them when needed and receive timely assistance.

    Consider the technology and tools the accountant utilises. Modern accounting heavily relies on technology for efficiency and accuracy. Ensure the accountant uses up-to-date accounting software that aligns with your business needs and integrates well with your existing systems. The ability to generate real-time financial reports and insights is important for informed decision-making.

    Lastly, discuss pricing and fee structures with the accountant to ensure they align with your budget and financial capabilities. Transparency in pricing and an understanding of the costs associated with their services will help you plan and manage your financial commitments effectively.

    When selecting a new accountant for your SME in Market Deeping, Lincolnshire, focus on their expertise, reputation, range of services, communication style, use of technology, and pricing structure. Making an informed decision in these areas will contribute to a productive and beneficial partnership for your business.