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The UK is a B2B nation with nearly 40% of UK companies deriving all of their income from B2B activity, with a further 42% having a blended business mix with some of their income from B2B.

The B2B world is one that is dealing with high ticket, specialist products, complicated buying units, multi-touch contacts and long sales cycles. Streamlining B2B processes should be high on the priory list for most businesses. Yet in many companies, some of the most time-consuming and important tasks, such as accounting and purchasing, still rely on traditional methods and hardware-based software.

Direct Peak has identified this issue for many SME’s and implemented accounting technology stacks to improve cash flow and efficiency. Here is a common example of a technology stack we implement and support for our B2B accounting clients:

Quotes and Invoicing

By using a combination of Workflow Max and Xero, accepted quotations are turned into invoices pushed through to Xero along with new contacts and their details. This saves time in manually converting and collating quotes and invoices and there is no need for manual input of new client setups.

Credit Control and Payments

For overdue invoices, Chaser looks at the outstanding invoices in Xero and sends automated email chases that look like they are from an internal member of staff.

To automate payments, GoCardless looks at the invoices in Xero and collects a direct debit based on Due date – Once collected GoCardless marks the invoice as paid in Xero.


Incoming expenses
and purchase Invoices

For incoming expenses and purchase invoices, we advised the client set up ReceiptBank. With pinpoint accuracy, ReceiptBank scans all the information on-the-go — from your mobile, laptop or email inbox — storing and organising the data using a mix of AI and human sorting. The extracted information is then posted them into Xero, cutting down on manual data entry.

To automate supplier payments and deal with issues of multi-currencies, we helped the client set up TransferWise which allows you to pay invoices, buy inventory, and handle payroll with the real exchange rate in over 50 currencies.

Finally, Xero Payroll posted all payroll costs directly into the client’s Xero accounting package.

The resulting automatic reconciliation of payments and spending across multiple channels saw a significant reduction in manual data input and reconciliation tasks. With human input error taken out of the equation, customer and supplier invoicing inquiries were reduced.

Direct Peak are experts in accounting technology.

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