Xero Training in Peterborough

We Offer Xero Training In Peterborough

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Here at Direct Peak we offer Xero Training in Peterborough to help our clients get the most out of Xero for their business. Our Xero training will empower you to understand all the amazing features that Xero has to offer and how you can use these with ease to improve your business performance.

We can offer Xero Training in Peterborough from our office, at your office or even over Skype if you would like online Xero training. We can tailor the Xero training to suit your individual needs and requirements, from a one hour Xero training session, right through to a full day Xero training session just for you or for you and your team.

Our Xero training course in Peterborough will help get you and your business on the right track financially.

What Does Our Xero Training Include?

  • We will show you how to really use Xero once your account is set up so you can get the most from it. This will also serve as a great refresher course as we go through any new Xero updates and features you may not have noticed.
  • You’ll learn how to manage debtors with the sales dashboard, chase debtors and sending customer statements so you can get paid by your clients on time, or sooner.
  • We can show you Xero add-ons that will help improve the efficiency of your business; we will show you how to use each of the cloud apps that you need to enhance your business operations.
  • We will teach the basic functions of payroll in Xero including the setting up of payroll, the pay template, timesheets and how to process pay runs and reports so you can manage your own payroll in house.
  • We’ll show you how to review, edit and submit VAT returns for your business directly from Xero to HMRC. We will also show you the basics of book-keeping and how you can apply that understanding to your business.
  • There are some amazing and truly powerful reports available through Xero and we can show you the different types of reports that you need for your business along with how you can make the most of them.

Like we said; our Xero training in Peterborough is tailor-made to meet your individual needs. Whatever you need help with on Xero we will put together the right Xero training for you. We can offer all of the above and so much more. Please contact out friendly team directly to find out more.

Migrating Your Accounts To Xero

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We meet many business owners who like what we stand for and want to work with us, but feel they can’t as we are Xero Accountants in Peterborough and they use Sage or another type of accounting software; but fear not, whatever system you currently use we can help you.

Our XERO specialist accountants can migrate your accounts from your current accounting system to Xero. This will make running your business easier and checking your cash flow quicker and simpler.

Why Migrate Your Accounts To Xero?

Here at Direct Peak we are Xero Accountants and feel that Xero accounting is a fabulous alternative to your old accounting software because it provides a real-time view of cash flow, wherever you are and at any time you choose.

You can use the mobile app to run your business on the go; reconciling, sending invoices, creating expense claims and more whether you’re eating your breakfast, on a train or enjoying a family holiday. You can also get paid faster with Xero because you can send invoices online and you’ll get an update when they’re opened by your customers. Xero will also import and categorise your latest bank transactions to so you know how much cash is in your bank account at all times.

How to Move To Xero Accounting?

Firstly, of course this is something our Xero Accounting Specialists in Peterborough are happy to help you with, or complete for you as we know that business owners are busy people.

However, if you do choose to move to Xero yourself you will need to register with Movemybooks for free then complete the simple step-by-step instructions shown and this will help extract your backup file. We will of course be on hand if there are any issues during this process.

Your Xero account is then born and you’ll either need to register for a Xero account or sign into your Xero account; a free trial or paid account is fine. Then click the ‘authorise’ button and connect to Xero. Check the data is being sent to the right place, follow the simple steps and then you’re all set up.

Use A Xero Accountant To Get Paid Faster

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If you hate chasing clients for payment, detest creating invoices and sending them out to your clients and just wish your clients would pay faster then why not speak to a Xero Accountant in Peterborough about how they can help you get paid faster by your clients?

You make like easy for your clients; your products or services add ease and enjoyment to their lives and on top of this you answer their calls within hours, respond to their emails within the day, give them the best price and service level possible and all in all make their lives easy – so why not make it easy for them to pay you too?

Giving your customers an easy way to pay their invoice immediately via a credit card or PayPal for example is all part of customer care and makes things easier for them; when you use Xero accounting it is possible to set up an online payment system to give your customers this ease and reduce the stress of getting you paid.

Research shows that 1 in 5 businesses that use Xero to send their invoices to clients offer an online payment service and on average this means they are paid 50% faster; this works out to roughly 20 days sooner than other companies without an online payment service.

Would you like to get paid 20 days sooner?

This will rapidly improve your cash flow and mean you are able to focus more on your business and plan for the future.

The biggest benefit of Xero accounting and their online payment services is that because you get the payment sooner you spend less time waiting for payment, stressing about payment and making difficult phone calls; you’ll also avoid doing those cash flow contortions too.

If you’d like to know more about Xero Accounting in Peterborough and how you can get paid faster then why not call a Xero Accountant in Peterborough in the team here at Direct peak; we would be only too happy to tell you more.

An Accountant Can Help With Your Business Finances

An Accountant Can Help With Business Finances

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When you set up your own business the most common thing people worry about is the business finances. They will often set up a business as they have worked for a company and feel they can do something better, or because they want to sell or produce something they love and are passionate about. Some people set up their own business because they want to make lots of money, sell the business and set up a new business.

Whatever your reason for setting up your own business, it is usually unlikely that you have done it because you love finances and accounting, (unless you are like us and love numbers).

Small business accounting can so quickly become messy, time consuming and unmanageable if you do it on your own because you’re trying to run a successful business and focus on that at the same time. As business picks up you quickly feel like you are losing control and you don’t know who owes you money and who you owe money too, let alone how much is in the bank and how much should be in the bank.

An accountant can help you with your finances and get you back on track. They can help you keep your key business metrics in check such as salaries and other employee payments to create your total revenue. An accountant can also help manage your payroll and produce graphs to show you what your business is achieving.

If you opt for a Xero accountant you’ll be able to share your business accounts with them quickly and effectively. You will also be able to view tables and charts immediately which will show you which clients haven’t yet paid and which suppliers you need to pay. You’ll be able to see expected outgoings and the current status of your account too.

A Xero accountant allows you to monitor the finances of your business and your cash flow at a glance. They will make the ‘financial stuff’ much easier so you can focus on what you do best; selling great quality services and products.

If you are looking for a professional and approachable Xero accountant in Peterborough then please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to meet up and talk about how cloud based accounting in Peterborough can help your business achieve more.

Get Your Accounts In Shape For 2018

Get Your Accounts In Shape For 2018

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Get Your Accounts In Shape For 2018

As the year draws to a close it is a great time for you to focus on the previous year and plan for the year ahead, but unless you have a good grasp of your accounts how do you even know what you are looking at or where you should be spending more or less money?

As Xero Accounts in Peterborough we like to help business owners make the most of their business and their money, so we thought we would share these top tips to help business owners get their accounts in shape for 2018;

  • While it may not yet be financial year end, it does quickly come round, so take the time to go through those sales receipts and invoices while your business is quiet, check them with your bank account to make sure it all matches up. If you have a quality accounting software like Xero you’ll be feeling very pleased with yourself right now as this is already done for you so you’re already a step ahead of the game.
  • Talk to your accountant; as a Xero Accountant in Peterborough myself, I can assure you that we are not scary and we will happy to talk through your accounts with you to give you a rough idea of what your tax may be, any areas for improvement or things to be aware of. We can also prepare to help you save the right amount of money, but also avoid any big and unpleasant surprises.
  • Take the time to look at how far you have come over the last year; has the business grown, how do your revenues and profits look when compared to the year before, are your sales trending up (if you’re using Xero Accounting you can see this on your sales graphs), did your sales expenditure give you any cause for concern and perhaps most importantly; did you achieve your goals set at the beginning of the year?
  • Tax laws and regulations are always changing so now is a good time to see what has changed in the past year and what is expected to change in the upcoming year; give your accountant in Peterborough a call and they will be able to send you links to articles you need to be aware of for your business or industry.
  • The end of the year is also a good time to update your payroll and do things like hand out bonuses, save time by paying employees electronically and review employee status; remember if you get your employee status wrong this can cost you money as you may be penalised by the government.

If you would like to start the New Year with a new Xero Accountant in Peterborough then why not give us a call; we would be happy to have a chat with you about how we can help, what we can offer and why Xero could save you time and money!

When Does My Start-Up Need To Start Paying VAT

When Does My Start-Up Need To Start Paying VAT?

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When Does My Start-Up Need To Start Paying VAT?

As accountants in Peterborough we meet lots of new and start-up business owners that have set up their own business through a passion or a desire; they are amazing at the business services or products they offer, but when it comes to all the other ‘business bits’ there is some confusion.

One of the most common questions we are asked by start-ups is when their business needs to start paying VAT, so we thought we would answer the question in this blog post;

The magic number for VAT is £83k; this means that when your business gets close to a turnover of £83,000 you need to register for VAT with HMRC and begin collecting and paying tax on your eligible products or services.

As a start-up business, a turnover of £83k may seem like a million miles away, but here are some top tips to help you make sure your business is ready for VAT when the time comes.

  • Make sure you keep a close eye on your turnover and regularly check how close your sales are to bringing in the magic number of £83k. If you use cloud accounting or a XERO accountant in Peterborough this will be easy to keep an eye on, and when you are close you can start planning ahead for VAT.
  • Paying VAT for your start-up business will be much easier if your financial processes are working efficiently and giving you the numbers you need, so take the time to do some financial housekeeping, clean up any messy areas and you’ll be ready to roll.
  • While the registration process only takes around 2 weeks it is a good idea to register for VAT as soon as your business turnover is nearing £75 – £80k. The sooner you start with the preparation the sooner you’ll be ready for all the additional admin that comes with VAT requirements – remember that your accountant in Peterborough can help with this too!
  • Make sure you plan your quarterly VAT payments; many businesses opt for a separate account for VAT and then work these payments into the budgeting and cash flow for each quarter as it makes it easier to manage financially.

Some businesses choose to register for VAT as soon as they start up as this shows prospective customers and investors that they’re extremely serious about growth and they want to be a big player in the market – however this can have an effect on cash flow and margins.

If you are unsure if you want to register for VAT or not then give us a call; we would be more than happy to talk through the options that are best for you and your business.

Only Hire an Accountant When You're Ready to Delegate

Only Hire an Accountant When You’re Ready to Delegate

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Only Hire an Accountant When You’re Ready to Delegate

As a small business owner the best thing about running your own business will often be that you are in control, you are the boss and you are in charge of looking after the baby that is your business. By running your own business you have the ability to set your own working hours, create your own business strategy, regulate your workload and determine how much you will charge and how much you will earn.

When you run your own business you are the master of all these things and this can offer a very liberating and wonderful feeling.

However it can also be what stops you delegating and this can stop the growth of your business. We have come across new and small business owners who often feel overworked, tired and stressed and this tends to be down to the reluctance to delegate and allow others to help out in the business.

After all, who can possibly know your business as well as you do and be able to care for it and love it in the way you do?

The thing is the people that you can delegate work to don’t need to be able to know your business inside and out when they start; they just need to be skilled in their area of expertise. For example, you may not be able to design a website, but a website designer can understand your business and use their skills and expertise to create a first class website for you, allowing you to get on with what you are good at – running your business.

The same goes for an accountant; while an accountant may not understand your business as well as you do, they will get to know it better over time and they can bring a fresh pair of eyes to your business. They will also know things you can claim for and things you can do to make your business more financially stable and profitable – allowing you to get one with what you are good at!

You need to make sure you choose the right accountant for your business and your needs but once you have chosen your accountant and handed over your company’s finances to someone more experienced in accountancy you will be able to free up more time to concentrate on the other parts of your business.

Please take the time to consider some of our services and contact us if they are of interest.

Xerp Certified Adviser

Choosing A Xero Accountant in Peterborough

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Choosing A Xero Accountant in Peterborough

When you run a small business you will make lots of decisions, one of the most important decisions you will need to make is choosing your accountant; it will need to be someone that is experienced and qualified; but you also want a Xero accountant in Peterborough that is approachable, highly personable and easy for you to relate with.

The first thing you need to do when choosing your Xero accountant in Peterborough is to write down what your business needs from an accountant. Do you need them to balance your books, offer tax advice, offer business advice or prepare your annual accounts for you? Different Xero accountants in Peterborough offer different services, so it is important you know what your business needs and if the accountant can help.

Also decide if you want your accountant to have experience of your industry or a specialist area which could help your business grow or mean your accountant could offer relevant business advice to help your business thrive.

Personal recommendations are a really good way of finding the best Xero accountants in Peterborough so take the time to ask friends, business contacts, networking buddies and even groups and organisations like Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce or Federation of Small Businesses who will be happy to help.

Create a shortlist of Xero accountants in Peterborough that you would like to work with and ask them questions about how you would work together, how often you’ll talk, if they do all the work or have a team that help with the day to day work, their fee structure and similar questions that will help you understand if the Xero accountant you are speaking to is best for you and your business.

When choosing to hire a Xero accountant in Peterborough you need to make sure it is someone you like and respect, you need to choose someone that is approachable and easy to talk to because your Xero accountant is pivotal in the success of your business.

Your Xero accountant will be your trusted adviser so make sure you take the time to find someone that is a really good fit for you and your business.

If you would like to approach Direct Peak about your Xero accountancy needs, please find all our contact details here.

Looking For A Xero Accountant in Peterborough

Looking For A Xero Accountant in Peterborough?

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Looking For A Xero Accountant in Peterborough?

Here at Direct Peak we know that there are so many cloud and online accounting systems available to businesses of all shapes and sizes; but here at Direct Peak we take pride in offering our services as a Xero Accountant in Peterborough because we feel that Xero is the most complete, all-round accounting product for our clients and small to medium businesses in Peterborough.

As a Xero accountant in Peterborough we find Xero accounting to be an excellent online product and could easily be the future of accounting for small businesses. While it is an easy and simple to use accounting tool we recommend that you enrol the services of a Xero accountant in Peterborough to help you get the most out of Xero and ensure you are using the tool to its full potential; and this is something we can help with.

If you are looking for a comprehensive online accounting solution that works for your business then our monthly Xero accounting packages are well worth considering; especially as they can be as flexible as you need to suit your business requirements and budget.

Our professional and experienced Xero accountants in Peterborough can even help with your bookkeeping if you want?

The benefits of Xero

With Xero accounting you can log in to your account at anytime from anywhere to stay up to date your cash flow in real time; you can also create and view up-to-date reports with quick links to all the original transactions allowing you to see exactly where your business is financially.

A Xero accountant in Peterborough can also show you how to automatically import your bank statements and allocate transactions as well as handling employee expenses with ease leaving you to review and approve claims from your employees.

Here at Direct Peak we feel that Xero Accounting can save you and your business so much time, energy, effort and money while offering some excellent additional solutions you may never realise you needed – we work hard to make your life as easy as possible and that is exactly what Xero Accounting does too.

Contact us now to see how we can help you achieve more for your business with Xero.

Hiring A Bookkeeper In Peterborough Will Benefit Your Business

Hiring A Bookkeeper In Peterborough Will Benefit Your Business

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Hiring A Bookkeeper in Peterborough Will Benefit Your Business

Have you ever wondered why there are so many bookkeepers in Peterborough running successful businesses? The reason is very simple; lots of small to medium sized businesses understand the wisdom of employing a qualified bookkeeper to help them survive those tricky early years in business that can be a minefield, but they also understand how a bookkeeper in Peterborough can help them flourish and grow in later years of their business.

There are many reasons that hiring a bookkeeper in Peterborough will benefit your business; for example small businesses find admin a struggle and another job that stays on the list but doesn’t quite get completed. Business owners and entrepreneurs are creative people so routine admin chores aren’t something they enjoy. Meanwhile a bookkeeper in Peterborough enjoys the admin of bookkeeping and will complete these less exciting jobs for businesses so they can get on with what they enjoy and what they’re good at.

Stay on top of the key financials

Turnover and cash flow are the two things that will either make or break a business; if there are no sales your business will be stillborn, yet if your cash flow is not managed correctly you will also find your business just won’t survive. Bookkeeping services in Peterborough allow you to concentrate on generating turnover while your bookkeeper can manage your cash flow for you, and chase late payers too.

Successful entrepreneurs and business owners are aware that they know everything there is to know about their business or industry; but when it comes to accounts and bookkeeping it is often a different story. This is why they employ the services of a bookkeeper in Peterborough to ensure their accounts are kept up to date and the taxman is kept happy!

Can’t accounting software do this for me?

While accounting software can be an amazing time saving tool for businesses; the accounting software cannot do everything- somebody still needs to enter the data so timely management and financial control of tax and cash flow can be completed. Again this is something that you can employ the services of a bookkeeper in Peterborough for and will benefit your business greatly.

Using a bookkeeper in Peterborough will not cost you a small fortune; but the expertise and advice that a professional bookkeeper can offer may actually save you a small fortune as well as providing numerous benefits to you business.

If you would like to know more about how a bookkeeper can benefit your business then please contact the friendly and professional team at Direct Peak.