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As a business owner, you’ll find the festive period is one of the few breathing spaces you get all year. One which, in between the roast dinners and family visits, you find yourself reflecting back on the past business year, its successes and areas to be improved. We speak to a lot of business owners in January and February that are looking to change their accounting software to a cloud-based solution, such as Xero or, looking to source a new accountant entirely. Have you looked back on the work your accountant has done and decided that now is the time for change?

Why Should I Change Accountants?

There are lots of reasons that people choose to move to a new accountant. If you feel that you are unhappy with the level of service you are receiving then this is a good reason to change accountants. Your accountant should be proactive in finding tax-saving options, if they’re not doing this you could be spending more on tax than you should be.

How Can I Change Accountants?

In one word, easily! Accountants are not allowed to put a fixed term of contract in place, so all you need to do to change accountants is give 30 days’ notice to switch providers.

We would always recommend that you give your accountant notice when you are leaving them. However, as your accountant, we can make this process easier for you. We will send your old accountant a professional clearance letter that asks for all the relevant documents and information that they hold for your business.

We will send your professional clearance letter to your old accountant on your behalf. This is a letter of correspondence that asks permission for us to take you on as a client and ask for the documents and paperwork that we need to look after your business accounts. This is the hardest part of changing accountants and absolutely nothing to worry about as we will do it all for you.

What Can Direct Peak Do Better?

We make sure we communicate with you throughout the year, not just at year end. We will make sure that you are utilising your tax savings. Once the end of year has passed it is too late to utilise these, so we make sure you are ready to utilise these savings. Our team will keep a close eye on your accounts throughout the year to make sure your business is on track. We will also let you know before year-end any changes that we recommend.  As accountants, we are regularly in contact with our clients. As our client, we will speak to you throughout the year with any recommendations or to answer any queries. We don’t just offer an end of year service; we offer an all year round service.

As a small business and accountants experienced working with small to medium businesses we know how worrying an accounts query can be. This is why we get most to almost all cases within 24 hours, to put your mind at rest. There is no charge for queries by phone or email, so if something is worrying you, please tell us.

By knowing where your business is at, it is easier to make informed business decisions. We turnaround management accounts within an average of 25 days of month end. This helps you see exactly what is happening within your business. All our work is on a fixed fee so there will never be surprise bills. We also utilise technology to make your life and business management easier.

All of our new clients moving over to Xero receive a free Xero migration service and two hours training for a member of staff, so you know your business will be up and running on Xero smoothly and your staff know how to use the essential day to day features. We are Xero Gold Partners and also offer advanced Xero training and Xero Payroll Training, so if you need further training, we are here for you.

If you’re finding frustration with an existing accountant or feel it’s time to move on to better accounting systems to reflect your modern business, let us help. Call us now for a free consultation on 01778 481044 and let’s get this job ticked off your new year’s to-do list!

Karl Newman

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Hi! I'm Karl. I'm the founder of Direct Peak, a 100% Xero cloud accounting firm. I help business owners get complete financial clarity giving them decision making confidence.

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