Jo Burke

Xero Advisor Certified

Jo has 3 years accounting experience and is the newest of our team. She came to us as she was looking for a smaller and friendlier firm that was closer to home and is really enjoying working with us as a bookkeeper.

Jo loves working as a bookkeeper because of the organisation of the role; she enjoys looking at the figures and numbers to try and understand what is happening within a company, what could be happening and what could be changed to stop the dips but enjoy more peaks.

But what makes Jo different to any other bookkeeper in Peterborough?

Jo has 2 sons and a daughter, a dog, a hamster and a husband – in that order. She has been married for 15 years, after being together 6 years before marrying. Her dream date is just her and her husband sitting by the lake, enjoying a picnic of strawberries and champagne.

Jo’s claim to fame is that she was once kissed by Bryan Adams. While this is something that Jo may never forget, sadly Bryan may have no memory of it as it was quite a fleeting experience. Jo was at a Hyde Park Concert, Bryan drove through and she ran up to the car to ask for his autograph. She had nothing to sign so gave him her arm; he gave her his newspaper, signed it and gave her a kiss.

Jo has two favourite films; Last of the Mohicans and Sweet Home Alabama so if you need to call up Jo, your bookkeeper in Peterborough and these are your favourite films too then you’ll have plenty to talk about.

While Jo loves her job as a bookkeeper in Peterborough, she has stated that her worst ever job was when she was 15 years old. She worked as a pot wash on Christmas Day; and from that day on she has vowed never to work on Christmas Day, ever again!

But on a brighter point, if Jo was made Queen for the day she says she would lie in bed all day with luxury bedding, watching Netflix – while wearing her crown of course.

Jo has one top tip that she gives to all businesses she speaks too;

“Be Organised: that way mistakes don’t happen!”

If you think Jo sounds like the sort of Bookkeeper in Peterborough that you’d like to work with then why not contact us now.