Management Accounts

A profitable business requires
more than traditional accounting

Management Accounts

A profitable business requires
more than traditional accounting

Management Accounts For Performance

We go beyond the basic figures, helping you understand your current financial situation and where to make changes to increase profitability and reduce costs. Our management accounts service can lift the lid on your business, showing outgoings, incomings and the state of your sales pipeline throughout the year.

The benefits of management accounts far out way the cost for a business and unlike your statutory accounts, these are done on a regular monthly or quarterly basis, giving you an accurate picture of how your company is performing without waiting until the end of the year.

The benefits of regular management accounts include:


Gain Control
Over Your Cash Flow

Management accounts will enable you to highlight cash-flow issues before they occur. A healthy bank balance doesn’t necessarily indicate a company in a healthy state.

Your cash balance is only a snapshot in time and fails to consider imminent outgoings, but with management accounts you will have a firm overview of your cash flow position. Knowing where and when money is being spent gives you the ability to pinpoint area where savings can be made.


Plan Tax
and Dividends

With monthly up-to-date financial information, you can plan your dividend payments with confidence and plan for applicable
taxation appropriately.

With regular management accounts you can maximise the potential benefits of paying directors and shareholders via dividends rather than salary.


Detect Fraud
In Your Business

With traditional accounting requirements, you only see the main business figures every twelve months. The longer the time between financial reviews, the greater the chance that any fraudulent activity can go unnoticed and undetected.

With regular management accounts fraudulent activity can be identified quickly and the cost to your business mitigated.


Spot Trends
For Growth

Again, with traditional accounting requirements, a seasonal trend or spike in profitability and demand will only be highlighted many months after the fact.

With regular management accounts these trends can be spotted in real-time and acted upon to increase supply and profitability.

“Any business owner that is interested in having a better financial understanding of their business would benefit from speaking to Karl and Direct Peak”

Katherine Duff, Director
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Direct Peak are experts on managerial accounts and dedicated to increasing the efficiency and profitability for business owners. Our management accounts are specifically tailored to your business model and offering.

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