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Start 2019 Right With These Two Essential Bookkeeping Tips – Bookkeeping in Peterborough

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Start 2019 Right With These Two Essential Bookkeeping Tips

Start 2019 Right With These Two Essential Bookkeeping Tips

Here at Direct Peak we love numbers, accounting, finances and bookkeeping in Peterborough. However, we know that many small to medium business owners hate bookkeeping. This is often the most neglected element of a business. While it may not be fun and it certainly isn’t sexy – keeping on top of your bookkeeping can save you time and help you better manage your business. It will also enable you to make more efficient decisions for your business.

With 2019 upon us, don’t neglect your books this year. Start the year the right way, by following these two essential bookkeeping tips. Come December, you’ll thank us for it!

Keep It Separate

As a business owner you need to make sure that your business and personal accounts are kept separately. While it may be tempting to give clients your bank details and for the money to go into your personal account – this will not help you or your business in the long run.

Make sure you don’t pay personal expenses from your business account. No matter how good the deals are to book a holiday from your company credit card. Avoid it at all costs! Make sure you keep both accounts completely separate. Then you’ll find it much easier to view where your business is at and what is happening, financially wise, in your business.

Keep On Top

It is okay to hate bookkeeping. However, it is not okay to put it off. The longer you leave it, the more of a mess you will have to deal with. Also,the harder it will be to find errors and solutions in your records, Not to mention that missing invoice, bank statement or receipt.

If you really hate bookkeeping and keep finding that you are putting it off, or dreading doing it – then why not use the services of a professional bookkeeper in Peterborough? Even if you don’t need our full accounting services, you can still use our bookkeepers to keep you on top of your business finances.


Remember – you don’t have to do your books to know your books!

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