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Use GoCardless and Xero To Increase Business Cash Flow


Of the myriad issues and problems that businesses have to deal with, cashflow is high on the agenda. However poor cash flow for a small business can be an incredibly serious issue. Poor cash flow is a big reason why many small businesses fail in the early years of business.

Maintaining a consistent and reliable cash flow is a difficult talk for many small businesses throughout their lifetime. If you are struggling to get cash into your business bank account it can slow down your whole operation and affect the growth of your business. From debt to late payments, there are plenty of cash flow problems that small businesses face. So why not use GoCardless and Xero to make it easier to get payments from your customers?

Here at Direct Peak we see that one of the most common reasons for cash flow issues are delayed payments. However, by using online payment solutions and online invoicing you can take some of this pain away. We recommend GoCardless and Xero to our clients as the two platforms create a seamless way for you to invoice customers and clients, and an easy way for them to pay.

What Will Good Cash Flow Help My Business Achieve?

When you have good cash flow in your business, you are able to plan for the future. A reliable and strong cash flow allows you to make firm decisions on business growth and investment. By using GoCardless and Xero you will be able to free up time spent on chasing badly paying clients, and focus on your business success instead.

What is GoCardless?

GoCardless is an online tool that is extremely useful for business owners in managing their business and cashflow effectively. The online took makes it easier for your regular customers and clients to pay you by direct debit. This can include all regular payments such as variable business invoices, software subscriptions or instalments for example.

With GoCardless you can easily and effectively manage the entire direct debit process through one simple to use online tool.

Why Should I Use GoCardless and Xero?

By using GoCardless and Xero together you are able to collect cash quicker from your clients and customers. Payments can be automated from clients, meaning that they don’t need to worry about when to pay and you don’t need to worry about chasing outstanding payments. We can help you integrate GoCardless seamlessly with Xero to pick up payments from due invoices with ease. Our team will offer support with the integration and help you every step of the way.

GoCardless and Xero Case Study

This is one example of how we have helped a client;

Jonathan, the Financial Director of a publishing business came to us with some major cashflow issues. With hundreds of advertising bookings a month, the business should have been in a healthy condition. However, cashflow was a real issue due to overly long credit terms for advertisers. Also, the onus was on the advertisers to set up payments or pay by cheque, slowing down the payment process even further. 

We could see that by implementing automated invoicing and setting up fast payment options would give no excuse for Jonathan’s clients to drag their heels. By using GoCardless and Xero together we reduced Jonathan’s average payment delay by 45% and his same-day invoice payments increased by 30%. This increase in reliable cashflow enabled Jonathan to plan securely for future growth.

Here at Direct Peak we believe that getting paid shouldn’t be painful. With GoCardless and Xero you are in control of when you collect payment. It’s a great solution for recurring payments. We can help you set it up in a matter of minutes, and you’ll go on to save hours in chasing outstanding payments.

Contact our team now to see how we can help you increase your business cash flow with GoCardless and Xero.

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