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Use Xero To See Your Business Now

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Use Xero To See Your Business Now

There are loads of desktop-based accounting packages, Sage being the best known, that are great at telling you how your business has been doing through a historic and backwards-looking view, but what if you want to know how your business is doing right now?

With desktop-based accounting packages you need to key in data manually and there is minimal automation available which means the business numbers you are looking at are likely to be days, weeks or even months out of date. This means you are basing important business decisions on past business numbers.

Sage is a popular and very good accounting package but with a new kid on the block users are quickly seeing that there are better accounting packages out there.

Making the switch to Xero

The biggest benefit of Xero is that you have access to real-time information and can see your current business numbers based on recent transactions.

As a Xero Accountant in Peterborough we have seen lots of benefits for our clients when using Xero for their business, such as having all the key numbers in one place including cash in, outstanding bills and invoices, cash out and profit and loss figures too.

On top of this you can also connect your bank account with Xero giving you a live view of your bank balance as it stands right now and it will also show all the incoming and outgoing transactions as they are processed to and from your bank allowing you to make informed financial and business decisions.

Many businesses struggle with keeping on top of their invoicing but with Xero this is covered too; you can process and email invoices straight to the customer. You can then easily monitor when payment is due, made or unpaid. As well as this you can download Xero Add-Ons that make your life even easier, such as Receipt Bank which will automatically take the details of the receipt and put them into your Xero data.

By far the biggest advantage of Xero accounting is that you have real-time reporting. If you need to make a large purchase you will know what your account looks like right now and you can also use real time reporting to see a cash report or a profit and loss statement with the peace of mind that the business numbers you see truly reflect the current financial position of your business.

Talk to a Xero Accountant

If you are looking for a Xero accountant in Peterborough or would like to know more about Xero Accounting please do not hesitate to contact me directly; I will be only too happy to answer any queries you may have.

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