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What Are The Benefits Of Accounting In The Cloud?

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Chances are that your clients do most of their business in the ‘cloud’ so why shouldn’t you do your accounting and bookkeeping in the cloud too? It won’t make any differences to your clients as they will still be able to pay you as they have done before, but the benefits to you and your business will be massive game changers.

With cloud-based accounting, using a system like Xero you will only need one file and this can be easily accessed by you in the office, by the team on the road, or from your holiday destination when you are taking a break from the office. It also means that your Xero accountant can access your system from wherever they are. This efficiency that cloud accounting offers can save you time and money.

You don’t need to worry about files being stolen or misplaced because cloud accounting is safe and secure. Cloud accounting systems are also instantaneous which means as soon as changes are made my colleagues, payments come in or bills are paid then it will show on your accounting system straight away. You will know what is happening with your business finances at all times.

We touched on it earlier, but a huge benefit of cloud accounting systems like Xero is that they are completely flexible. This means you can access your accounts from anywhere and from any device that has an internet connection. This means you can check how much money is in the account if you want to place the last order, check a client has made a payment on the way to a meeting with them, or check a payment has gone out to a supplier.

Cloud accounting with systems like Xero needn’t cost the earth and will work on a subscription basis that is affordable.

Why not contact us now to see how Xero cloud accounting could work for you and your business?

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